How would you describe love to an alien?

Pretty much a blanket word to express a plethora of emotions of closeness.

It's like a lazy persons escape hatch for discriptions.

Um.... While that's where I would stop discribing for the aliens, for humans to get what I mean here are some examples:

"Your eyes are more breathtaking than the fires of the Orion nebula" vs " I love your eyes"

"You help to give meaning to my life, being with you helps me get outta bed in the morning and deal with the tedious bullshit of the day. Hell just seeing you smile with bashful glee makes my heart sing. I will try with all my might to make sure you continue to smile so I can just keep seeing you do so" vs "I love you"

"When I get off this phone with you I want you to remember what you mean to me and what I mean to you, so don't forget cause it will break my heart. I will see you again, until next we meet, so you better take care of yourself and not die in a car crash" vs "I love you, bye"

"Please, please don't abandon me to be with someone else, you are part of my world, without you I don't know what I would do without you. The only solution I can see to keep my world from shattering is to turn myself into a problem you are forced to deal with and lock us both in the nightmare, at least we'll be together" vs "but I love you, Please don't go! I hate you, I hope they leave you!"

"Ice cream is probably my fifth favorite thing to eat, I would keep eating it nonstop if I but could, and this one in particular is awesome cause they got the flavor ratio just rught" vs "I love ice cream"

You get the idea. Love is kinda a shit word and relies heavily upon context more than definition and mearly suggests familiarity, or approximates some level of importance.

Is the pickle juice left in the jar sanitary? If so, what are the potential secondary uses?

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When the quality of the dish in the restaurant is bad, what should we do?

I'm a server here.If you have only eaten 25% or less of your meal. Here is precisely what you do.Let your server know, and be polite, and ask if you can have something different.Wait for your other food. Eat it when it arrives.Please tip your server normally (as the quality of the food is

Why is painting and listening to music haram in Islam as many scholars say?

First and foremost, not all scholars believe that music/painting is haram. These are one of the more controversial things within the community. It all really comes down to interpretation of doctrine. There are quite a lot of things to talk about, but I'll attempt to summarize succinctly.The Quran is the main book in Islam