How would you invest $100?

What are your options?

  • Are you a cryptos nerd?
  • Do you know the Blockchain Technology?
  • Do you know Cryptocurrency?
  • What do you know about investment?

First of all, know that the returns is not sure, even though in STOCKS; or might take a donkey year before you see the return...

How old are you?

Are you in your twenties,. if so, Take a tool at BITCOIN and invest it there...


This is a simple guide I just discovered and I think it will help you. Please let me know if it has helped.

If you should make any investment in cryptocurrency, it is ethical to choose the best-fit percentage by your age if only you want to be on the safer side. This is it.

If you had $100,000 to invest, and you are 30 years. The option here is to subtract 30 from 100 to arrive at an allocation: 70.

With the above, you are okay to invest 30% of your asset on want you want to (in this case cryptocurrencies) and the 70% on other traditional investment.

And as you grow older, make changes to minimize the vulnerability to cryptos by moving the money to fiat – cash.

So, with this secret, I am sure that you won't lose out. At least, you have your 70% backing you up.

However, before you invest, never fail to read how to. I have already done that.

Hope this helps. Please let me know with what you think. Thanks.

IF YOU want to wait longer, Invest in EOS and Ripple - 50%/ 50%..

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