How would you keep Earth life sustainable if humans build a Dyson sphere around the sun?

Given that a dyson sphere cannot be physically built without breaking most of the laws of physics, one would assume that "magic" was employed.

And if we have magicians capable over overcoming fundamental physical laws - I am sure they can whip up anything we need to keep Earth in any form we please.

You need to differentiate between fiction, and science.

If you are building your Dyson Sphere into a solid shell rather than a Dyson Swarm of billions of orbital habitation stations, then you would make your sphere radius several million kilometers larger than the apogee of the combined Earth and moon's orbit about the sun. So the inner rocky planets: Mercury, Venus, and Earth, would orbit inside your Dyson Sphere (assuming you haven't disassembled them for the raw materials to build your sphere).

Have you ever missed an opportunity which was so vital in your life?

When I was in high school (this was ~1978), a group of my friends got together to hook our computers together. We had turns oriented space based game that was originally written on an IMSAI 8080, and thought it would be great to port it to the other machines, and make it

How come western european empires never expanded into Africa or Asia before the invention of guns?

They did. The Roman Empire included both African and Asian territories, and the Crusaders, who can be regarded as an extension of an alliance of mostly western European powers, briefly took territory in the Middle East, which is a region of western Asia (this ignores the Byzantines and Alexander the Great, but to the extent they

Have you ever witnessed someone having a paranormal experience?

It's a strange way to phrase a question because if there's a paranormal experience happening, then YOU are the one experiencing it.Only 18% of paranormal incidents are witnessed by multiple people. These are usually UFOs but sometimes ghosts and bigfoots as well. To personally answer the question, yes, my whole family of 4 saw a UFO in 1996 together.