How would you reinvent the U.S. government?

Eliminate "vote splitting" (i.e. the spoiler effect) by replacing plurality voting with something better (Ranked, Approval, or any number of other election methods)

The result would be the end of the two party duopoly.  You could have similar candidates on the ballot and they wouldn't hurt each other (for instance, both Hillary Clinton and Obama could be on the ballot, without splitting the vote and giving an advantage to the other side).  Ultimately the candidates that win would tend to represent the median voter, rather than the voters on either "the right" or "the left"....and we'd get an interesting mix of candidates.

I think everything else we could do to fix government pales in comparison with what would happen if we made it  so our representatives actually were working for our common interests as a country rather than battling with the other side all the time. The amazing thing is that all it would take is a rather small change of the rules.
I would add new cabinet positions

  • Secretary of Cool (first appointment to Henry Winkler)
  • Secretary of Awesomeness (first appointment to Neil Patrick Harris)
  • Secretary of Ha Ha (first appointment to Seth MacFarlane)
  • Secretary of Hotness (first appointment to Zoey Deschanel, this post to alternate gender with each new appointment)

Is it ridiculous that people in the 21st century still believe in the existence of a God?

Childhood indoctrinationIn my country we have a state religion and mandatory daily worship in our schools.We are an atheist household but my five year old came home from school to tell me Jesus it real.Life is hard / Belief gives comfortThere are a

If humanity disappeared, how long would it take for Big Ben to collapse?

Not very long, I'm afraid. Subsidence has already caused it to lean about 200mm to one side, and it's only about 150 years old. It's made of brick with a cast iron structure in the top part, and the whole thing clad in stone. The stone is unfortunately of very poor

Why do aliens not feel comfortable visiting earth?

Maybe they're familiar with our history and propensity for killing each other and other species in droves. Not exactly diving at the opportunity to get chummy with a bunch of mass-murdering apes.War - WikipediaThe Extinction Crisis