How's Britain dealing with the rising attacks?

I lack the ability to eloquently express my opinion here and for that I apologise.

I have never be caught up in an act of violence or feared for my life.

I've had friends and family who have at times warranted police protection. I've had a terrorist bomb detonate with a mile of my home ( though I wasn't there at the time ) once certainly, possibly twice, but closest I have ever been to having my life effected by such threats has been to occasionally have to pass though a metal detector at a security check point.

So I cannot image how horrendous it must be caught up in an act of violence.

Given that you can decide for yourself the value of my opinion which is:-

The taking of a human life and the damage physical and emotion, done in these or any other attack is an offence against everyone. But the sad and callous reality is that unless you are caught up in such an attack yourself or know someone what is, its effect on your life will be minimal. There are tens of millions of people in the UK whose lives will be entirely unaffected by these horrific acts of violence. Children will go to school, parents will go to work. Almost everyone will carry on today the same as yesterday and the day before. A few might notice an extra security measure here or there, but most will be thinking that its a beautiful sunny day. And this afternoon there will be many more people who complain that the weather it too hot to be working than will give any thought to ‘recent attacks.'

It first produced anger then a certain resignation that others wish to destroy our democracy (that's their problem not ours).
After the latest anti-Muslim attack there is becoming a wider understanding of the need to come together in the centre and that extremism on the left or right is inappropriate .
However others are becoming typical of the hot summers revolutionaries of the 1960s where they want to rebel against anything that preserves the status quo.
Extremists are using this to increase violence. But once understood we can fight it. Yes austerity needs to eased and people's daily life prospects increased but the economies outlook is beginning to see manufacturing jobs opening up especially as other EU immigrants are not looking on The UK as a safe haven with easy benefits.
The emergency services have been stretched above normal levels and need now to be boosted and rewarded.

Not well, is the honest answer.

These attacks are increasing in number and ferocity, and they seem to be spreading to different communities now. The country has been (relatively) free from terrorism for some time, so the security services and the general public are not used to this sudden uptick in violence and its proven a considerable psychological shock. The moral relativism that plagues our society has sapped our ability to confront the causes of these attacks honestly. Frankly, a large chunk of society is in a state of denial about all this. The assorted demonstrations of solidarity and union have been most heartwarming, but they aren't in and of themselves a substitute for concrete action.

I expect there will be more attacks, and they will become more bloody.

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