How's life with your family right now?

It's going well.

My brother is off to college, so it's quieter around the house! Thank Jesus. I get to still see my dad on the weekends. I can't stay there during the week because he lives 20 minutes away and I would have to wake up way too early for school.

Also I learned today that my cousin is pregnant with a boy! It was so cool. They had a cake where one half was decorated with girly stuff, and the other was with boy stuff. And when they cut it open, it was blue to indicate it was a boy!

So yeah, my family is pretty good right now. Pretty good.

Pretty much sucks. This is not how I envisioned family after my mother's passing she was the glue that held us together, now we are all separate. I miss my family. I always dreamed that my family would get together for reunions each sharing their own story or stories each coming together in love and gratitude not the case in my family unfortunately. We are all die functional and miserable except for my sister and her family I would say the rest of us are pretty miserable.

Where can I buy a Tesla Powerwall in India?

Currently, the only way to purchase a Tesla Powerwall is through Tesla's website. Once on the website, click on Powerwall and click on the order tab. Hopefully India is under one of the countries who can order a Powerwall.

Why India connt produce electrical cars like Tesla and others?

Everything wrong with the Indian EV scenario.Electric mobility is one of the most happening sectors in Indian startup scenario these days. Every day, there's a new policy, product announcement or product launch. Startups like Ather energy, Twenty-two motors, Ampere vehicles etc and giants like Mahindra, Tata, Volkswagon etc are making news for EV.Despite so

Does Apple pay Microsoft for patents relating to Windows?

Not sure if Apple is paying any money to Microsoft but it is certain that Microsoft is earning big bucks from its royalty payments.To read a detailed story of Microsoft's licensing deals, check the Page on