I always feel so hungry when I am on diet, and also hungry after I exercise. This is the reason I am not able to lose weight. What should I do?

You are correct in assuming this being the reason for you not loosing weight.

Well to rectify this,you need to consider several things. Any body transformation requires dedication on three fronts.

  1. Exercise : As you said,you are all set in this.
  2. Clean eating : You need to prioritise your eating in a clean way. You are lagging here I feel.
  3. Sleep : Sound sleep of 7–8 hrs.

Let me explain second point in detail.

For loosing weight,you need to be in calorie deficit.

  • First step would be to find out your maintenance calories ie how much calorie you require on daily basis.
  • Now you need to reduce this value by say 10%. This should be your daily calorie intake.
  • Then prioritise your macros ie your Protein,Carbs,fats,vitamins,fibre.
  • Increase your Protein intake and lower your intake of carbs and fats for the day in such a way that you maintain your daily calorie value.
  • Do include good fat in your diet as it is very important.

Now,steps you need to follow-

Immediately after working out,have healthy amount of protein. Protein is slow digesting so will keep you full for a longer time.

Moreover,eat in regular intervals in small quantities throughout the day. This will stop you from binge eating. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why started.

It's not about loosing weight,it's about loosing the mindset and lifestyle that got you there.

How hard do bodybuilders flex their muscles while posing on stage?

Hi as a former professional bodybuilder I can answer you question. There are two things to consider here.1. The body fat percentage on the stage is in single digits which is unhealthy for the body and the big bodybuilders

How can we get rid of excess sweating?

excessive sweating -hyperhidrosis. polyhydrosis, sudorrhea, unrelated inappropriate to the circumstances, surroundings. temperature is mild. no anxiety. wiping hand palm before every handshake. it is a hassle. it is a sign of medical condition.causes -minor malfunction in nervous system, hyperactivity, stroke, heart problems, blood vessel blocks, flu, swollen lymph nodes, menopause, excessive bleeding, weight loss,

How does Google Fit work?

Thank for such a question. How do this activity detection apps work? Not only Google Fit activity Detection app but all activity detection apps use our phones sensors and GPS to monitor our activity.As you asked about Google Fit App, let us discuss it. This app can tell you how much calories