I am 10 years old, but 120 pounds. How do I lose weight?

You are only 10 so you really wouldnt have to do much to lose weight if you need to. Simply running around out side, playing sports, dancing, etc can help you lose weight. I was overweight when I was in middle school but what helped me maintain my weight was really participating in PE and ROTC because I had to run and do exercise a lot.

First, I recommend you to try to just have fun moving around. You could even lose weight by dancing (I do those kpop dance workout things on youtube because they are fun).

Second, try to not eat too many junk foods and unhealthy snacks. Hopefully you can talk to your parents about wanting to be healthy so that they can help you be able to eat healthier foods and snacks besides junk food. If you are eating healthy, it takes way less to fill you up than it would take junk food to.

Third, get sleep and dont stress yourself. Stress makes it harder to lose weight.

Finally, remember its not about the numbers, especially since you are really young; its about being healthy. When you are around that age you just are going to put on weight. Thats normal but focus more on being healthy than anything else because you dont want to waste your time feeling insecure about your weight.

How to prepare tasty and healthy oatmeal

While there are plenty of ‘instant' oatmeal products on the market, I think they taste like sludge, really horrible.Whether you choose a pan or a microwave to do the final cooking, start with standard organic porridge oatmeal. Soak it in an equal amount of water or milk overnight in the fridge. Cover with a tight lid

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Here are some links of my personal favsBazzi - Mine (Official Video)Tinashe - Faded Love (Vertical Video) ft. FuturePost Malone Feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Psycho (Official Audio)6IX9INE- Rondo ft Tory Lanez &Young Thug (Official Audio) [Day 69]These are on repeat inmy mind as well