I am 190 pounds and max I can do on deadlifts is 440 pounds for 2 reps max. Is is good or just average?

440 for a double is great! Are you average? No, definitely above average. But to put things in perspective, lifters at the top of their game will Deadlift 3.5–4x their bodyweight. Powerlifters in the 198–245lb classes deadlift between 700–950lbs!

However, it's difficult to determine an exact multiplier that would define a "good" deadlift, because in powerlifting, an athlete is ranked by their Wilks score, which is a number based on the athlete's Total (Squat 1RM + Bench 1RM + Deadlift 1RM) compared to their bodyweight.

You can find your Wilks Score here: Wilks Calculator | LBS

The very best lifters will score between 550 and 600 in terms of Wilks points. If you're around 400, this is considered an intermediate lifter.

If you are looking to improve your deadlift, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (Nathan Kim) where I will post videos on lifting tips and tutorials. I'm on my way to a 600lb deadlift and will share my process along the way. Thank you and hope this helps! :)

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Sorry, I can help with fat feet and flat calves. The opposite is more tricky.Kidding, if your calves are fat then my assumption is that you're carrying excess body weight in other areas of your body too. In which case a calorie deficit is needed to reduce the fat, specific