I am 25 and my chest is 38 inches. Can I widen my chest to 42 inches doing pull ups and chin ups or any other method?

Both pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the best exercises for back and overall upper body conditioning.

However, they target the muscles a bit differently. Both exercises will work the lats (latissimus dorsi) and secondary muscles which are involved are arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles and forearms.

To widen your chest the best exercises is push ups with variations like normal, close, wide, incline push ups. Use push up stand which helps to expand the chest muscles.

Another useful exercise is dip bar exercise (Dip (exercise). There are two popular variations for chest one is parallel push up and another is swings which is my personal favorite but it requires a lot of skills and practice else you could end up injuring your shoulders.

Rest are the workouts that are done with gym equipment like bench press, dumbbell flys. Refer Bodybuilding.com - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community! for various chest workouts.
What type of cardio is doable if one has bad knees, other than swimming?

Cycling can be adjusted to be kind to knees if you have at least 125 degrees of knee flexion/bend. Saddle height and set back can be adjusted to be kind to knees as can gear selection. Using a small hill climbing gear on flat terrain will reduce the pressure on the knees while still

How to get taller and bigger in mass / size at age 20

There are a few men who are still growing at age 20, but that is very rare. These are guys who did not start puberty until they were 16 or older instead of at the average age of 11.5.Growth stops when puberty is complete, as the hormones play a

I found out that my FWB has a wife and a kid in India. Should I do what's morally right or indulge, since he's going to do it anyway?

It's tough to answer. In general what you have to do with whether your FWB is married or having kids or not?One thing you can do to be moral is get away from the scene. In that case your FWB will find someone else so it will not save any problem but save you from