I am 70kg 5ft9 15 yr male. how do my lifting maxes compare (started lifting 2 weeks ago). bench 55kg, squat 70kg, deadlift 100kg, overhead press 35kg?

He there. Well done for getting started - hopefully you've begun a long-term love of the iron game.

You are still at the beginner stage but are doing well. I hope you have someone experienced who is able to assist you with ensuring your technique is correct.

There's a nice easy-to-remember set of goals for becoming an ‘intermediate' lifter:

Bench: 1.5 x bodyweight (BW)

Squat: 2 x BW

Deads: 2.5 x BW

Press: BW

But your first target is the bodyweight benchpress - the first goal of every presser.

If you use the ratios above, you are looking at the following numbers:

Bench: 70kg (BW) (you are 78.6% of the way to this)

Squat: 93.3kg (you are 75% of the way to this)

Deads: 116.7kg (you are 85.7% of the way to this)

Press: 46.7kg (you are 82% of the way to this)

So at the moment, the deadlift is your best lift. Because you are fairly light, I would guess that you (like me) are going to find the deadlift, dips and chins easiest. Short, stocky people have an advantage to bench and squats - it's just about levers.

So good luck. Make sure you lift properly. At fifteen you think you are invincible. At 25 you feel most things are possible. At 35 you've been injured a few times. At 45 your prime motivation is avoiding injury. The younger you are when you learn proper lifting form, the longer and more enjoyable your journey is.

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