I am a 20 year old child of a happily married couple, and my parents started fighting over a stupid issue last year. They are still fighting on that issue, how can I solve their fight?

You can't do anything about it. It is not your fight. You have no responsibility in the matter.

When they come to you and complain about the other they are being unreasonable. They should not do that. You need to let them know that it is not acceptable that they use you as a sounding board. You are close to both of them and neither of them have the right to go to you with complaints about the other. Both of them need to realize that what they are doing is unfair to you and unacceptable from either of them.

They need to work out their problem with each other, not by using you as a mediator. You have no place in their argument and they are wrong to pull you into it. They are disrespecting each other by talking to you about their complaints toward each other. They need to show each other respect if they want to solve their problem.
What Keto Diet apps are available?

#Questiion nameee: What Keto Diet apps are available?TOP 10 KETO TIPS FOR BEGINNNERS!Hey friennds, I searrched all keto resouurces on the internet and Quora ansswers and below are besst keto tips for you, I hope you enjoy it.#1 Always meal prep for the week.You can do thiis a lot of wayys, but I like usiing Pinterrest

How Many crunches one need to do to get six pack abs in 3 months?

Crunches are not the be all and end all of abdominal exercise. If anyone wants to have a strong mid-section, they would need to do way more than just infinite crunches, regardless of whether they want it in 3 months or 3 years.Just doing crunches will not help you gain a six pack. You will

What's the hardest part about monogamy no one ever talks about?

This totally depends on the person. For me, it is incredibly difficult to suppress my natural self when I am around a man with whom I have a great