I am a vegetarian. I get very hungry after working out. What should I eat after my gym?

Hello Aniket, thanks for the A2A. I am going to assume you're currently based in India and that you go to the gym in order to build muscles hence, I'll give you tips based on the context.

So first, in order to make the most of your workout with effective gains, you should consume some protein soon after the workout because your muscles are more sensitive to protein due to the stress exerted from the workout. Therefore 1 of my main go to foods after a workout is a protein shake. Most whey protein shakes are vegetarian and contain the required amino acids for synthesis. A 20g (1 scoop) protein shake is perfect after working out and is easy to consume immediately (1).

If you're looking for other options or like a complete meal, let me suggest 2 options:

  1. Rice/Chapatti (atta) with a lot of dal. Whole wheat bread and a lot of peanut butter and a banana for dessert.
  2. Hummus, Chappati with some Palak Panneer. Have a whole wheat bread slice and peanut butter with a banana for dessert.

I personally eat the first option every evening or the second option when I'm running out of time because hummus is so easy to store and SO healthy.

Hope this helps, good luck!

(1) - How Long After You Work Out Can You Have a Protein Shake?

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