I am an Indian woman. How do I convince my parents to let me marry outside of my race?

I am happily married to a British guy now.

I never had a type. I just wanted to feel loved. I would consider a person, when my body and mind said 'this is crazy'. I was attracted to guys. Period.

I trusted my biology, chemistry, and physics when I am attracted to somebody. I gave myself and everybody a chance. No race/culture biases.

Taking somebody to my parents to say I want to marry him, was secondary issue. First, I wanted to make sure 100%, I am going to be happy with my decision.

Indian parents are unique you know!

They can throw umpteen tantrums quoting society, culture, money, next door neighbour etc, but at the core of their heart they want the best for their children.

At every argument they make, if you can convince them you have found a better prospective than them, you WIN.

It might take a year or two, it is worth it.

Understand how your parents tick, what are they REALLY concerned about? What are their REAL fears? What are their cultural stigmas and their belief system? What thoughts make them who they are.

Once you crack the 'cultural make up' of your parents, you can start taking care of their concerns very very patiently!

A bit of humor, a bit of compassion, a bit of daughter drama, a bit of emotional bribe. Make a fantastic recipe that your parents tastebuds will come to love it.

Read my answer to the following question, that might give you a bit of my journey.

Why aren't there many cases in which Indian girls are married to foreigners?

Goodluck in cracking the code. 

P.S -Very few parents (individuals) are brainwashed by society to not see the happiness of their children.

Majority of them will put their kids first, you need to be smarter than them in selling the groom ;)

They all eventually come around. People who elpoed, once they had grandkids, things went back to normal.

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