I am developing feelings for someone I shouldn't, that person shows signs of liking me too but a relationship could hurt us both, what should I do?

Be careful! A well intentioned friendship can blossom into something more quickly. It can place you both in a position of compromise and you will come to regret it. As much as the two of you like each other, a relationship could really strain things, especially if one is already committed. Not only will you lose out on this person, but it may damage or destroy the relationship they currently have. Out of respect for this, I think it's best to remain friends from a distance. If there are too many emotions being shared and you think that you are at risk for having an emotional affair, cut it off. Walk away. It is so much easier said than done, but you will appreciate your decision later on when you meet someone you can have to yourself, without the guilt weighing in. Your circumstances will likely change and you'll meet someone new.

My response is , what is already taken is off limits to others . So, you should just stay far away if you could since you don't want to break a family and a marriage . An affair with someone not free anymore is not taken with open arms by lots of people . Save yourself shame and hatred by others who will surely judge you if it happens . Also , the guilt of taking away somebody from someone is not a peaceful feeling and a big sin as well .

Express this to other person verbally and make sure that nothing hurtful develop between you two. Like you two can feel for each other but limit it to an extent and cross check each other for crossing any limit. Do all this if you really know that it hurts you both. If not just go for a relation,afterall it's what your heart wants.

As a Biologist my view is, So you ask an anonymous crowd...

for cheap simple comfortable advise...

We need to learn ourselves , how to interpret a situation, not relying on others.

Emerson: Self Reliance.

It takes long intense Detoxx to bring the Intuition back - and use it as a RADAR.

I follow my Spiritual GPS, not persons...

You know what you should do.... Stop this in it's tracks. I assume you are both married. If you have had happiness with your partner, then don't give that up for a fling... most of which end very badly.

move on! there's plenty less destructive relationships to get into your guys are not exactly on the endangered species list!

i say GO FOR IT -- damn the torpedoes full steam ahead. this person may be the love of your life. that once in a lifetime love. you will regret not having jumped in with both feet, jump all over it do not waot

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