I am from India. What is your daily fitness routine?

You can add on these exercises in your daily fitness routine.

Yoga- If you are not into gym , One of the natural exercises will be Yoga for you. You can start your day with normal yoga exercises. Results will be visible as soon as you start doing. but first you must know how to do unless you get the help from the expert yoga trainer at the beginning. You should not rush, but take it slow. Yoga helps with many things like managing stress, brings positivity, cheers up the soul,

Swimming- helps you maintain the overall health of your. It does not only help you build up your muscles, but also get in good body shape. It is good to take a swim in a very hot summer day to cool down. Everything does not work for everyone. you gotta see what works for you. Start with a 20-30 mins plan and change it accordingly as per your need.

Walking- It is good for your daily fitness routine. The more you walk, The more you get full of enthusiasm in yourself. It keeps you stress free, stay in good shape and cut down the extra body fat. It controls the cholesterol level of the body and maintain the cardiovascular fitness. You can start your day with a walk and see the results by yourself.: 10 main benefits of walking and swimming - WhatsInMyBag

Have you ever watched a movie that changed your perception about something?

Actually, yes.I mean, a lot. All of my ideas comes from my hobby-class on each Tues. We call it movie admiration. A little complicated to show the details .Keys.PerfettiA man called OVEZootopieYour nameLove&SongMrs.SlonAmusingThe Shawshank Redemption5 cetermetersBig fishNotebookYou can also search it on Google.

Do you think that a Nightwing film is a good move for the DC Extended Universe?

Yes! And no.As of now, I think the DCEU is in no position to be coming up with new film ideas and films to add to their slate.Over the last few months the DCEU has been saturated with more and more negative rumors and conflicts everyday; First it was the Flash

Why does alcohol makes some people violent?

The effect of alcohol upon a person's mind and behaviour is biphasic. First, alcohol inhibits some neocortical pathways, which action facilitates behaviour that has lurked underneath a repressed surface. So, a violent person will naturally become violent after sufficient alcohol. But there comes a point after a lot of booze