I am going to take workday integration training and then I need to take workday integration certification. How difficult is it to pass workday integration certification?

I won't say that I'm an expert, but as I am working for workday for the last five year, I might help you with its answer.

Great that you have completed the workday integration training.

But let me tell you getting the certification is not an easy task.

You should have a thorough knowledge of workday integration. When I was taking the training from the cloud foundation, the training helped me a lot in solving my queries.

During the training in my free time, I use to go around the tenant and look into everything even before the trainer has taught the particular module.

In this way, I had a lot of questions ready for him, and without giving any excuses, he solved each question very patiently.

I suggest you the same, doing this will help you to understand more clearly if you still having the doubt.

Then you go for the certification; you can clear your exams.

And if your company is not partner with workday, not a problem.

Having trained on a workday can get you good change as this technology is in demand especially in USA, Canada and in India also.

If You are a beginner in workday then you should go through the Cloud Foundation free course, videos and blogs it will help you a lot.

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Being an expert with 12+ yrs of experience in HCM and 5+ys of Workday experience, I think is the perfect guy to answer this question.

First ask yourself this question.

Do you really want to learn Workday?

Or are you looking for other softwares like SAP Successfactors or Netsuite.

But how can you decide if Workday is really for you, start with the basics on Workday then if it suits your need, jump ahead to advanced topics.

For free courses, you can check with CloudYl, they provide a free course.

Don't burn your money by directly opting for a live training without understanding the basics.

Workday is bit complicated especially the certification.

Ie you can only certify if you are a partner of Workday, but that doesn't matter much as you can still get a job with 120$/hr as the demand is very massive.

And don't worry about the tenant because the client will provide you tenant access in your project.

You will not be developing Workday on your tenant.

So that's fine, Workday is really trending in US and Canada as its completely Cloud based.

I want to wish you best of luck for your future and off course comment me for any more questions.

You can also reach me on LinkedIn.

Currently the global market is washed away by the Workday technology. Hence your choice at this juncture is commendable.

First let me put the details about the certification.

The workday certification is not that easy as it looks. If you don't have the sound knowledge about the technology you end up disastrously.

I am not trying to discourage you but want to tell you that you need to gain the complete knowledge about the tool & understand the complexity of the concepts to appear for the certification.

This is only possible if you have taken proper training for it.

The utmost step one should focus is selecting the best technology to learn.

I think my experience can be an input for you.

I am not flattering as it is the truest experience to its best.

Cloud Foundation is the most desirable online training provider that is trending in the market in terms of training.

Trust me Cloud Foundation not only meet your requirements but also provide complete satisfaction in spending the money.

Their continuous support, guidance & grooming moulds an aspirant & sheds away the confusion of selecting the right career path.

You know whats their moto Don't waste the time in looking for a good instructor, we are there to provide the best. Just keep the focus on the learning.

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You have chosen the right path at right time.

Workday presents cloud-based enterprise applications, single-architecture and management sets that connect the HR, finance and analytics into a unique system.

The Workday Integration presents you a path to store the employees profile information in Human resources management in synchronize with their organizations existing workday solution.

Integrating means synchronizing our data to the client data of Workday.

Completing the training is not a concern but being perfect in the subject is the main target.

Once you have the stuff on the subject then it is easy to crack the certification exam.

Learning isn't enough to make workday professional. Hands-on tenant solely will make the skilled professional in Workday.

Trainer and their explanation also plays the crucial role in the training part.

I got such a best trainer and training in CLOUD FOUNDATION.

It offers the customized training like best trainer, convenient timings, suitable training modules, and affordable prices.

I strongly say that CLOUD FOUNDATION is the best training provider for all the IT courses.

As it is the only organization which offered 30 free videos and some basic materials as a name of Free Course to everyone.

24/7 support team to resolve the tool and queries on priority.

Job assistance program who helped me a lot in my trail period.

Thanks to CLOUD FOUNDATION and the team.

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Hi there,

The best advice I can give you is to pay attention during class, do the activities, and play around in the tenant on your free time. The best students dig around to look for solutions to their problems before asking the instructor. The certification itself should not be very difficult if you are able to complete the in-class activities and understand the concepts.

Even I had this same question long time back.

The Best place to get trained on Workday would be CloudFoundation

Just go through the free Workday course from CloudFoundation

I have personally gone through the course and its really great.

I must say the free course provided me a lot of concepts.

Actually am from peoplesoft background ie already I have HCM knowledge.

So I must say great job by CloudFoundation overall.

Also their self-paced and instructor led sessions are pretty cheap as well.

I haven't attended their Instructor-Led sessions.

But I have attended their self paced sessions.

That was really useful.

Other options will be from Delloite and IBM but that will be pretty expensive.

Also go through the below questionnaire to understand more on Workday

How do I get Workday tutorials for free?

There are many places where you can get Workday Tutorials for beginners. There's a plethora of videos available for free, but just make sure you are doing the Labs while reading, or else you'll end up wasting time.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Workday Resource?

There are many roles in Workday. Such as,

Developer (80% Job Openings).

Admin (10% Job Openings).

Architect (10% Job Openings).

As you can see, the most important role is the Developer's. Hence, focus on that.

Can you provide details on Workday Certification?

Well, there are 5 best Workday Certifications. You can start with the basic one. To know more about various Workday Certifications, you can check the other Blogs and videos of mine.

How can I get access to Workday Portal?

(1) Normal Access.

(2) Partner Access

As you would have guessed, it's only for partners. If your company is a partner of Workday please register with your corporate email id. Hope that helps.

Where can I get Workday Training?

There are many vendors, but make sure you get Lab access before and after the sessions.

Where can I get workday Training in Hyderabad, workday Training in Bangalore along with the materials?

I get this question from my office colleagues, friends, and Blog readers almost every day or week.

My answer is, if you are taking this offline, then it's irrelevant.

I would suggest Online training instead of Classroom training for Workday since this is completely Tool Based i.e.; 0% Theory, 100% Labs.

How do I know if my company is a partner of Workday?

There are many companies like Accenture; Deloitte etc. That's clearly listed on their official portal.

Get Free WorkDay Materials

Where can I get Workday Interview Questions and Answers and how difficult are they?

Most of the Questions are quite easy, some are advanced.

What about Workday Jobs? Do we have the good opportunity?

Workday has been implemented in below locations San Jose, Detroit, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, New York, India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai , Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon) Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai. You can easily find a job in case you reside in any of these locations.

How is the career in Workday about Salary?

It's definitely good as per Indeed

The Average annual salary for a Workday certified professional is $60,000, whereas a non-certified once makes around $30,000.

How to get real-time experience on Workday?

Alright, I think that I have already covered this.

What is the Latest version of Workday?

Its version 2.2, but still many clients use version 2.1.

Can you provide me your resume?

Well, I can't do that but I will help you with sample Resumes.

Can I get any Training materials like pdf, ppt, and user guide on Wikipedia for Workday?

Not much on Wikipedia, but there are many places where you can get it. Check this for Workday Foundation.

Can I download the software for Workday, If yes, how to get it?

That depends; if you are the partner of Workday then you can get a Training License for practice etc. Otherwise, you need to check with the any Workday Partner for the license.

How much is Workday Cost, i.e. for Training and Software Access?

The Training cost depends on the Vendor but I think it should not exceed 100$.

Which is good? Online Training or Class room Training?

Let's see. In 2019, Online Training makes more sense, but if get hold of a good trainer then of course classroom training is excellent.

What are the pre-requisites to learn Workday?

You can be a better Workday Developer with very less or zero programming knowledge. After all, that's the reason why Workday was born, so anyone can automate.

How much time does it take to learn Workday Tool?

Well, that depends upon the quality of training, but with free tutorials, you can learn the Basics in 20 hours.

So best of luck for your journey.

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