I am learning how to cook with hand tremors. What are some tips to make the basics of cooking easier?

There are a lot of different types of hand tremors, so what works for mine may not work for yours. I find that there are certain things I cannot do at all, such as holding a mug of coffee from the side, using its handle. It begins oscillating until much of it ends up on the floor. I can carry the same mug easily if I hold it from above, around the rim, so the weight is all below my hand. Slicing motion is easy for me, though as always I am careful to slice away from me. Lifting a pan by its handle doesn't typically go well. Better to wait until it cools. Using both hands often helps, especially for getting things in and out of the oven. Sometimes distracting myself is helpful. I can wash a sink full of dishes without any problem, apparently because my attention is directed elsewhere.

The human brain is almost infinitely adaptable. Just keep on cooking, and you will probably develop tricks that work around the tremors.

Invest a few dollars in a chain-mail glove.

I like this knife. You grip it and push down on the cutting board. The contact anchors the knife and then you rock it to cut celery and veggies. The source in the link is Able Data. They were pioneers in online data for aids to daily living way back in the 80's. Please look at the full line because there are lots of ideas.

Rocking T Knife | AbleData

Here is another site. I think you might like this pen.

Special Needs Strollers, Toys and Adaptive Equipment

Occupational therapists are good people and usually are full of ideas.

Here is a group worldwide. They may be able to help you find a patient group near you to get more ideas from.\

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I had a severe electrical shock about 40 years ago that left me with damaged nerves in one hand. This did not stop me from being a chef at many renowned restaurants, though. The key is to focus mentally on what you are doing. You can't stop tremors all the time, but you can turn them off with some practice for long enough to do knife work. It just takes concentration.

To crumb meat or anything, put all the eg chicken pieces into a bowl of beaten or stirred egg at once, instead of one by one. Just stir it around. Then use a bag for the crumbs and toss all the pieces in. You will need less fine motor control and it's less tedious.

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