I am losing weight but my bum is getting smaller. How do I achieve a nice plump round bubble butt?

Ah, the dreaded "slimbutt."

Unfortunately, like the similar "flatboob," this is common when women lose bodyfat.

If you are successfully losing weight, your body will unfortunately burn it from different areas, and we can't pick and choose where it comes off.

However, there are ways to counteract the booty loss.

Targeting the glutes through isolation exercises, done frequently through the week, is a great way to start building up that round shape women are looking for.


Squats, lunges, deadlifts, and step ups - although great exercises - actually aren't the best ones to shape your bum.

The above exercises are great at developing global muscle in the lower body. They are great for burning calories and driving great fat loss results.

In my experience training clients, however, they are not the best for shaping a round derriere.

The best exercises for shape?

Shoulders-elevated Hip Thrusts

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