I am new to cooking. How can I start?

Here's a few ideas for how to start cooking when you're new at it.

Find several ways to cook something you really enjoy eating, one of your favorite dishes is a great place to practice. Try different recipes and different ways of making that dish and in the process, you'll learn a few techniques - and probably, learn from a few mistakes.  Once you feel good about your ability to make this dish anytime you feel like having it, move on to other things. If you really haven't cooked many things at all yet, this can be as simple as an omelette or pasta - just start with something you really enjoy so you can appreciate your efforts.

Share your results with some people close to you, and talk about what others like to cook, and eat. Some people are natural teachers, and might invite you to share some kitchen time with them.

As you build up some confidence, see if you're more interested in cooking from recipes, or if you're more inclined to improvise and do it your own way. It's a lot like music - some people like to follow the charts or the sheet music, others like to play what comes to them. Although these styles aren't mutually exclusive, you'll probably tend to be more of a recipe cook or an improv cook. It helps to know this, so you don't go out and buy a handful of cookbooks that will end up as kitchen decorations. Once you learn how you like to work in the kitchen - by the book, or by instinct - you can start building up your information base with a little more focus, collecting cookbooks or links to sites that feature mainly recipes, and/or those that get into techniques and ingredients, in the proportion that suits you.

Although advice about investing in good cookware is great as long as you have the means, you shouldn't let that worry you if you don't have the room in your budget. If you've traveled a bit or lived in a few different places, you've seen that phenomenal meals can be cooked in ordinary, even humble looking, pots and pans.  Those low quality tools will need to be replaced more often, but that's life.

Enjoy your time cooking, I wish you well!
Before you start cooking, you should learn few basics like how to use a knife, how to choose best utensils, how to use appliances, how to cut up vegetables and much more.

You should follow these steps to learn cooking, as you are new to cooking.
  1. Get a pen and paper and write down what type of foods work well for you.
  2. You may get also help from quality cookbooks or recipe websites.
  3. Try a simple recipe first and keep trying out simple recipes until you started to feel confident about cooking by yourself.
  4. Now start varying your recipes from one type to other.
  5. As time goes on, you will become more confident on varying recipes and creating your own.

1) best pots and pans that you can afford. Good ones will last a lifetime. Think of it as an investment.
2) good utensils. Never underestimate the importance of a really good knife
3) start slow and don't be shy about experimenting
4) enjoy your success and ignore the failures
5) good cooking can only be done by people that enjoy cooking. I've always approached it as a hobby rather than a chore.

On a final note, there is only a few things that make me happier than someone enjoying something that I created in my humble kitchen-PFV
1. Start simple. Stir fries, omelettes, that sort of thing usually works well.
2. Make sure to have your mise en place, in other words, get all the ingredients you need ready and set up for use so you don't burn food while finding and preparing them.
3. Follow directions precisely and try to learn the reasons(possibly even the science) why certain steps are done. I find resources like seriouseats food labs by Kenji and Alton Brown's Good Eats are good.
4. Watch videos, preferably by two different people. When you're new, a visual guide is probably more helpful than text descriptions.
  • Cook what you want to eat and you'll be an inspired and motivated chef.
  • Cooking with good utensils will change your life.
  • Start simple, fresh, nice and easy. Follow a recipe at first. Then make it your own by changing little details.
  • Read several recipe of the dish you want to cook and pick the one you feel like following.

Bonus : Cooking for several people (enjoying good food is a plus) is a great way to be extra motivated.
Bonus 2 : Wine !

First thing is start with simple recipe. Learn to cook which food is like for you. First go with your mom suggestion. Refer some cooking books or some YouTube channels or TV programs. It will suggest to you. Once you taste your food, then automatically you will get interest to cook.

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