I am not getting sleeping becaus e of my goal? What should I do?

It may either be because you are too excited thinking about your goals or too anxious thinking how to fulfill those goals or worry about possible consequences all these hinder your sleep if it's not any of the above reason then next time do mention what part of your goals is not letting you sleep.

What can you do ?

Simple just breathe , relax and try to understand that goals are important but more essentially your health is important to achieve those goals when you become sleep deprived it only leads to more hassle and confusion in life.

Try to relax more consciously when you are unable to sleep or write your thoughts on a paper whatever crosses your mind until you feel you're done this helps in organizing your thoughts and last have faith in yourself that you have all the power to manifest your goals.

Strong belief alone is sufficient to conquer any kind of obstacles in life .

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