I certainly can't afford a Mac. How can I run Mac OS X on my Raspberry Pi 2?

You can't. First, the EULA for OS X explicitly requires you to use Mac hardware. Next, OS X is only shipped for Intel x86_64, whereas the Raspberry Pi uses an ARMv7 CPU - a completely different instruction set. You can probably recompile the XNU kernel from OS X for the ARMv7 platform -- that's what iOS 6 was, after all -- but you'd never be able to run Intel x86_64 executables (OS X software) on it, and you'd also lack the proprietary libraries necessary to write your own OS X applications.

Linux is probably the best possible and most productive platform there is for the Raspberry Pi. Sure, there's lots of apps that won't run very well because they are constrained by the memory and processing power of the device -- but it's a $25 computer, that's to be expected.
I feel it's unlikely that you'll be able to run OSX for the following reasons:

  1. Driver support: OSX is unlikely to support the hardware in the RaspberryPi. (You can run an emulator to emulate the right hardware, but see point #2).
  2. Underpowered hardware: Even if OSX did by some chance happen to support the hardware on the Pi, the Pi's hardware is simply too under-powered for an operating system as resource hungry as OSX.
  3. Legality: Now, I am not a lawyer, but to the best of my knowledge it is illegal to run Apple's OSX on any hardware not manufactured by Apple. (At least without prior permission).

Disclaimer: "never say never" isn't just a cliché, and especially not in the field of computers.
Someone with a lot of smarts may come along and make this happen one day, infact things of a similar nature have happened in the past (running iOS applications on Android for example), but for now it's not very likely.
On a Raspberry Pi? Seriously? People are struggling to make it run on their laptops. Look at Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides: Hackintosh.com for more help.
The Raspberry Pi does not have the binary compatibility to the Intel architecture that Mac OS X requires.  So no, you cannot run OS X on your Pi.
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