I currently wake up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00 A.M. I find myself too tired to wake up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays. How would I go about training my body to wake up during those days?

I have recently experimented with low cal intake by being a part of a clinical trial for low calorie dieting.

I have found that when I'm on that, I definitely have a lot more energy.

You might want to experiment for yourself and go to sleep on an empty stomach (no eating past 3p) and see if that helps with waking up not so tired.  However, I noticed I needed less sleep only being on the low cal for about 4days (650cals).  That said, your mileage may vary..

briefly... the body uses a lot of energy for digestion. it takes easily over 6hrs to fully digest... so with an empty stomach you'll have energy for other functions.  that has definitely been my experience.
What do you hate most about work?

I am working for myself right now. I periodically get burned out from the ~16x7 work schedule, but it is the labor of love. Nothing to hate. Other than my own pace. I hate watching disruptive companies' commercials and thinking

Do low-fat foods help you lose weight?

No, low fat foods are packed full of processed or added sugars. Fat doesn't make you gain weight but refined or added sugar will. Fat gives things flavour. And when you remove fat from food you then have to add unnecessary sugar to make it taste good.Please

How do Americans view India and Indian people in general?

I'm afraid that I don't know enough about what others think to give an informed answer, but I can tell you that my impression of India was always a positive one. It seemed romantic and exotic, and of course it's the world's largest democracy and has a common connection with the British Empire. And Mowgli and Gandhi were