I do around 70 lunges each day, with around 10 squats. How long will it take before I see results?

Results as in - you feel stronger? or results as in you look visually more muscular?

You'll probably start feeling stronger after just a week or two, depending on how much fat on your body you probably won't see many results in the mirror unless you lose fat in addition. You'll need to increase your difficulty over time (weights, more reps,) if you want to continue seeing results though.
How to think of the perfect age for marriage

Under no circumstance get married any sooner than one year after being in a committed relationship.Neither one of you are saving each other you're in a partnership so that you can go further in life!You're not in a Disney movie, this is serious business, that could potentially spiral your life out of control and

What tips can you give on building muscle and loosing fat at the same time?

The more lean muscle mass you gain the more fat you'll lose, so if it were me I would lift the chest, back and legs with heavy weights 3 times a week and I'd eat 25 grams of protein for each of my 4 to 6 solid meals. Then on the light days which would be T,

How does weight bearing exercise differ from cardiovascular exercise?

Weight exercises would be exercises likes push-ups, pull-ups, or squats. These exercises stimulate muscle tissue for growth and to burn carbohydrates and fat as energy. When you do cardio exercise for the most part you aren't getting a maximal muscular contraction. Cardio in