I don't know anything about programming, how can I hack Google in 1 year?

Wait, WHAT? (*_*;

There is no relation between programming and hacking google!

Yes it resides in understading of code and markup in pages for finding vulnerabilities, but that requires only fundamentals! Leaning into programming completely won't help you in Hacking google.

Wait, (¯―¯٥) Hacking Google?

You just simply can't deface google that easily. Look man,There are vulnerabilties in web applications that are exploited by hackers to do such malicious work. However, it is not possible with google because it spends a million dollars a year on its and its users security. Yes you can find vulnerabilities in Google for exploiting, but I would never recommend doing that as you can potentially be persecuted for that. Instead, if you find some, just report that to google security instead. If eligible, they would reward you 1337$ (^。^) Isn't that cool?

Then Think again..

Frankly, this is ridiculous.

There is no possible way you could do that. Not unless you have ridiculous luck on your side.

That would be illegal.
Should anyone here offer help they would be partners in the crime and subject to trouble and legal action.

Should you discover a problem by inspection of open source code you dare not exploit it in violation of the law. Reporting it in a responsible way to Google might win you fame and a small, medium or large bug bounty. IMO, Selling it to a federal agency like the FBI, DHS, NSA might still be illegal because of their stated intent to attack and hack systems and you have no authority to be party to such an attack. Some of this applies to US citizens but globally there is no true safe haven for illegal hacking.

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