I don't see my life and my career going anywhere. What should I do?

Relax !! I have been in your shoes and know exactly how it feels when you don't know which road to travel.
At this juncture,I see two roads originating from your point:

- Do what people say! Its pretty much what you have been doing your whole life. Enjoy your time at IIT. Hit gym,take part in co-curricular activities. As far as your worry about getting a job is concerned,then just chill.Maintain a minimum pointer, the syllabus for "job-hunt study" is zilch as compared to that of JEE.

-Instead of looking at the outside world to calm your inner turmoil,look deep inside youself! My personal method include writing down every single reason for the commotion inside.Try analyzing each problem with a suitable solution("evry problem has one :p).
                            Its high time when you STOP LISTENING and Start EXPLORING. I remeber the scene from F.R.I.E.N.S -"It's like all my life everybody keeps telling that I'm a shoe. You're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe! But what if I don't want to be a shoe anymore? Maybe I'm a purse, or a hat."

I am a 4th yearite at IITK and must admit that I have gone through similar situation in the past. It is just a temporary phase of confusion you are going through and how your life turns out to be depends on your actions at present.

First of all let me tell you that there are a great number of people in IITs that are going through the same kind of trouble. In fact I must say that your condition is much better than a lot because of your good CPI (7 pointer is good no matter what people around you say).

Now you say that you don't have any special skill. Don't worry about that! This is the time you should try to explore all possible options for your career. Find what interests you and develop your skill in that field. It is necessary to have motivation for a particular goal be it working in corporate, civil service, starting your own business, research, politics, social sector.... whatever ! One thing you should keep in mind is that there are thousands of people working their ass off for the same position you are targeting and you need to stand among the crowd to make your way to success.

You have given yourself to peer pressure. Trust me, being in IIT you are smarter than 99% of the people in this country. You don't feel the same only because your interaction is limited to the rest 1%.
The very fact that you have figured out that you are stuck in a rut places you ahead of many students, even many of my batchmates in fourth year who move from one day to other in blissful ignorance.

Stop worrying about career and try to know more about yourself. Steve Jobs had a point when he said When you look at it backwards, the dots will somehow connect. A  very big advantage of being in an IIT is that it allows you to try out a plethora of activities. Try out new stuff and figure out what you are good at and what grabs your attention.

More importantly, try to move out of your comfort zone. Don't think you are good at communication skills? Join the Debating Society of your college and practice.

Have confidence in your abilities and back yourself up to pull them all the way through. You say maths is your strong fort. As it turns out, it's a very valuable skill too. Find out people who share similar interests and passions, talk to seniors who are doing higher studies in maths and find out potential applications of Maths and how you can actually contribute.

Try to build upon your skillset and when you do any activity, try to figure out how can it help you gain a skill. What's the takeaway? Try organizing an event in your campus festival. Dabble in different activities that help you develop better skills at dealing with people, in negotiation, read up about your interests.

Lastly, Know that your CG doesn't reflect on your capabilities as an engineer : It's just your second year and you probably haven't even studied many courses on your core branch so far. Are you sure you don't want to study engineering? Try to shed the bias that inadverdently might have crept in and study again from a newer fresher perspective. What can you actually learn from all this stuff? I know 7 pointers in my branch who have performed more live projects and have more practical knowledge than 9 pointers who struggle in projects or hate engineering and are going for an MBA. Your CGPA reflects your faith in the system and depends upon you completing your assignments, writing files and a lot of work that's completely unrelated to being an engineer as well. So just because you are a 7 pointer (which isn't a bad CG in itself) doesn't mean you are not good in core.

Best of luck :)
You have two more years in hand so take it easy and enjoy the moment.You will surely make sense of life as the time passes.

As for clearing the UPSC exam always remember that there are two kinds of people in the world, the he who says 'he can' and the he who says 'he can't', both are usually correct.
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