I don't want to live with my parents anymore. What should I do? Please tell me. Help me.

We don't know your age & circumstances as knowing these would've made this advice more useful & practical!

Since you don't want to live with your parents for whatever for, whether they are restricting you, are non supportive, have their married life issues, plethora of other reasons; or you have created circumstances that this is inevitable.

Before taking further action get hold of a pen & Diary and write:-

Their good points. Not so good points

Your good points. Not so good points

Their support. Their non support

Whether they cared. Whether they didn't?

Did they support your education. Or they didnt?

Did they mistreat you. Were you way ward child

Did you support them to the extent you could?

The things you could've done differently?

How do you think you would treat your child differently than they did (response to this question at ages 15, 25, 35, 45 & 60 changes, so be careful while answering it and you might like to show to your child when he is your age)

Yes some parents are exptreme in temperament while others have personality issues, substance abusers and abusers in general terms.

Yet there are other parents who while appearing strict and harsh just want to ‘save you from yourself' and don't want you to end up in mistakes that you later regret in life.

Parting shot: I have seen majority of parents struggling, sacrificing, depriving themselves, while bringing us up. Yes a stage comes when they feel the young has to fly away from the nest to develop wings, learn to fly, learn to pick up an early worm and be a self sustaining and ideal citizen. Doing that if the methods are unappreciated by you; well think that they are they, they & you are you. It is their approach in life! Try & change the approach when you have kids.

There are no parents yet born who really mean harm to those they brought into the world as their shared love creation (of course creation is that of His Almighty)

Some form of Bad parenting does exist, these the state takes care off.

Be brave, make sustainable plan of action to work, educate yourself, work, join military, be a scientist, doctor, public speaker, motivator, navigator, an honest civil administrator, a very very honest politician such as Abraham Lincolon host of other opportunities to choose from to become something of yourself which you thought were getting hindered when staying with parents!

Life is Good, you will meet many good people on your way!

God bless!

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