I feel I can't focus on other aspects of life because of my girlfriend but she is doing that very well. Why do I feel that?

Because that maybe true she has her priorities sorted. She is in tune with her realities.

As far as you are concerned, do you wish to spend all your time fantisizing about someone who will leave you for the very same reason? If she sees you would rather live in a world of enchantment rather then try to be a provider she will eventually leave.

No worries first thing, stop thinking about her all the time.

Second set a goal. Something you have wanted to do for a long time like learning guitar getting ripped. Do it, do it now!

Third, set long term goals.

When you have all these things going you will be at par with her. See how your relation changes for good

All the best and fall forward.

What are some real good tips and tricks to crack MH-CET, AIIMS, AIPMT, and other entrance exams?

Work hard.Obey the NCERT BOOKS especially for AIPMT AND AIIMS exam like you obey your religion( I don't mean to say awkward things,But just for the sake of explaining it to you,I am giving this example,so plz no offence meant).EAT and sleep well,prepare a daily routine that I have to complete this XYZ CHAPTER today itself,it should

When you think you will get married?

Never. I don't believe in this model where this is mandatory that you have to get married and have family. I just want to live, work for my bread and butter. May be, travel different places. I feel more comfortable and safer when I am alone. Just don't want any kind of attachment to anything or someone.

Which is the best app for mobile tracking for iPhones?

KidGuard is a great one. It not only allows parents to track their children's phones but also allows them to see their kid's texts, but also allows them to see calls, websites visited, and apps used. It is also a