I feel tired and sleepy and a lack of motivation for work. I am also feeling sick and tired of life. Is this a sign of depression?

It may be a sign of depression, but don't just label it as depression and act all blah because of it. Use your depression as an indicator that you need change in your life - - Start waking up early, find things that motivate you and begin a side job that you truly enjoy.

Most people go through a phase similar to you.. I know I did. I was working at a crappy convenience store while I was going to college and there I sat night after night broke as hell and holding tight to the new book I bought "Authentic happiness" and things didn't get better because I wasn't taking the time to do things I enjoy, or to do things outside of my comfort zone.

Take time for yourself. Go for a walk, try new things, and if there's something you want but you think it's stupid to want it because it seems unreal, come to the understanding that ANYTHING is F-ing possible if you just commit yourself to making it happen. If you feel like you're going to fail at doing something and that's the reason haven't done it, commit yourself to doing that thing and if you fail, who cares?

Explore. The world is every person's oyster for a finite amount of years and one day you'll have excellent luck and the next you could be flat on your face, jobless and broke as hell. Experiences are what matters and it helps break up the monotony.

Work out, get motivated, kick some ass, play air piano to the beginning of "take it to the limit", whatever gets you psyched about life.
Can I lose belly fat and get abs at the same time or first I will have to lose my belly fat and then start thinking of abs?

I think you should keep fat loss at the priority first and then work on your abs. I'll explain why.First of all, loosing fat

What's the hardest part of a triathlon?

A couple different answers depending on what you mean by hard.If you mean,

If serotonin syndrome is a consequence of too much serotonin, what happens when you get too much dopamine?

The only way I know to get too much dopamine is to be a Parkinsonian patient and take an overdose of Madopar which contains DOPA (the dopamine precursor). There are many possible side effects of excess Madopar. The immediate behavioural effects (which I