I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

That is a rather unfortunate situation you're finding yourself in. In the case you still have access to the email address you signed up with, but you don't remember which one you used at the time,  the Facebook help page suggest the following actions:

  • Ask one of your Facebook friends to look at the About section of your profile and send you the email address listed in the Contact Information section.
  • Try entering every email address or mobile number you've owned (one at a time). You may have added an email address or mobile number to your account and forgotten about it.
  • Enter your username. Your username is your personalized Facebook URL:

Do you have more than one email account? If not, you'll probably have to set up a Gmail account to accomplish the following.

Use a trusted FB friend/contact to help. If you're locked out of your account, you can set up trusted contacts who can help you regain access to your account. To request help from your trusted contacts:

  1. Click "Forgot your password?" on the login page.
  2. If prompted, find your account by entering your email, phone, username or full name and click "Search."
  3. Look at the list of email addresses listed on your account. If you don't have access to any of these (which you apparently don't), click "No longer have access to these?"
  4. Enter a new email address or phone that you know you can access and click "Continue."
  5. Click "Reveal My Trusted Contacts" and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts.
  6. You'll see a set of instructions that includes a URL. The URL contains a special security code that only your trusted contact can access. Call your friend and give him/her the URL so that they can open the link and give the security code to you.
  7. Use the security code from your trusted contact to access your account.

Make sure you let your trusted friend know to expect the email/security code, and to "shred delete" the email as soon as they give you the security code, because if they don't and your Facebook account was hacked, the hacker could also have access to your email account.

If none of this works, here is FB's official "help" page on recovery: Log Into Your Account

if you have forgotten your Facebook password and G mail password which is related to your account  then you can follow the following steps:-

1.click to forgotten password

In circumstances, where you can't recall the Facebook password as well as that of the email, there is no reason to panic. The fact is, I too had been in a similar situation but somehow managed to pull through.

There are some proven ways by which you can recover the account. To do so, you can answer a few security questions, seek the help of friends or make use of an alternate email address listed on Facebook.

Under the circumstances, you are not required to reset the Facebook password. On the contrary, you are required to do something else.

  • Open the Facebook login page and click- forgot your account or can't login link.
  • To identify the account, you have to fill in the form.
  • On the next page, select I forgot my account.
  • Take a closer look at the list of email address that shows up. As you don't have access to any of these, click- no longer have access to these.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions, wherein you may have to answer the security question or you might have to get help from friends.

On following the steps, you will finally get an opportunity to recover the account. If possible, make sure to change the password from the Facebook account settings section.

This is how I got back my account. Hope the method works in your case, as well.

For more information visit - How To Reset Facebook Password

You may be able to get back into your Facebook account by answering a security question, using an alternate email address listed on your account or getting help from friends. Keep in mind that you'll only see these options if you set them up.

To see if you have these options:

  1. Go to the Facebook login page and click Forgot your account? or Can't login? in the top right.
  2. Fill out the form to identify your account.
  3. Select I forgot my account on the next page if prompted.
  4. Look at the list of email addresses listed on your account. If you don't have access to any of these, click No longer have access to these?
  5. Follow the instructions provided to answer your security question or get help from friends, if you see these options, or contact your email service provider.

Once you get back into your account you can change your login email address at any time from your account settings.

If you remember your email id / alternate email id / having a phone backup, then you can recover by following the steps on clicking the "Forgot your password" option; the detailed steps are also written be others here.

But considering a situation where you do not have access to any of these (email/alternate/phone); in that case, follow these steps to recover:

1. Recollect your friends-list, whom you've added as a friend in your account. 

  • [If you don't remember whom you've added, Search your "Full Name Facebook" on google.com
  • You will probably get a list of accounts that are possibly there with the same name. Identify your profile and check the friends that you have added in your friend-list. ]

--This is possible only if you've allowed everybody to see your friend-list.

2. Ask them (trusted contacts) to check in your About section of your profile to uncover your email ID.

--Even this is possible if you've allowed/added your friends to access your email.

3. Once you've got your email ID, click on forgot password and use the security question. You apparently must remember that atleast to get back to your account, after which you will be provided a textbox to provide an email address that they can contact to.

4. Use your current email id and click on the change password mail to move to the page and change your password to something that you can easily remember.

5. Add your phone as a backup.

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