I forgot my password and the email address I used to create my Snapchat account. How can I log in or at least change my email address or password?

Discover how to reset your Snapchat secret key in case you overlooked it. You can reset Snapchat secret key without email by utilizing versatile number that related with your record.

For security reason, you were instructed to utilize a base regarding 8 characters with an alpha numeric for your Snapchat secret key. At the point when the first occasion when you made it, you may think those great secret word is extremely secure that nobody can get it, even yourself. Indeed, now that is the issue, you overlooked your own particular secret word in light of the fact that those 8 alpha numeric character is effortlessly overlooked. Obviously you can not compose your secret key on a sticky note that lying around on your table.

Step by step instructions to reset your Snapchat secret key in these 2 ways

There are two approaches to reset your secret key Snapchat. Initially, in case you overlook which email you are utilizing to join on Snapchat, you can reset your secret word Snapchat with portable number that related with your Snapchat account.

Reset Snapchat secret key utilizing SMS with versatile number (without email)

Supported connections

To have the capacity to reset your Snapchat secret key with your versatile number, you have to an ensure that your portable number is as of now set through Settings –> My Account –> Mobile Number.

When you overlooked your secret word, tap 'Overlooked your watchword?' on the login screen.

Select how you might want to reset your secret word, pick SMS.

In case despite everything you have the cell phone number related with your record, you will get a check code.

Enter those check code, and tap "Proceed".

Next, you will be made a request to make another watchword, this time make the simple one that you can recall.

Reset Snapchat secret key utilizing email (without telephone number)

In case you have not set your versatile number, at that point you can not reset your Snapchat secret word with your portable number. The main choice is to utilize the email related with your record.

On the login screen, tap 'Overlooked your secret word?'

Select how you might want to reset your secret word, pick by means of email.

Ensure you remember your email too, check your inbox, You ought to get a secret word reset interface.

Tap the URL or duplicate and glue the URL into your program.

Next, you will be made a request to make another secret word, this time make the simple one that you can recollect.

Snapchat secret word necessities

Snapchat are exceptionally worried about their clients information security. Snapchat recommended to utilize a secret key that is no less than 8 characters long. Ensure the secret key does not contain your name, username, telephone number, birthday, or other individual data since it could be utilized to figure your watchword. It is prudent to incorporate a blend of numbers, images or potentially capital and lowercase letters in your new secret key. Star tip: utilize a blend of two words that effectively to recall and change tho vocal letters with number.

So's the means by which to reset your Snapchat secret key whether utilizing email or utilizing your cell phone related with your Snapchat account.

When logging into Snapchat, click "forgot username/password" and try to go that route.

If that doesn't work, go to the support page for more information.

Good luck.

Your question is about obtaining access to your Snapchat account.

You can do that by either:

  1. Getting access to your Snapchat account.
  2. Getting access to the email you used while registering in Snapchat.
  3. Resting the password through SMS (if you got is registered).

For obvious reasons, option #1 will get the job done.

Option #2 is a bit complicated, as you do not have the email address. You can install Maltego-a data mining solution-and do a research about yourself you might find your lost email address. If you're lucky and found it, then reset that password and get access to your account.

Option #3

See below instruction from Snapchat Support

To reset your password via SMS from the Snapchat Log In screen:

Tap ‘Forgot your password?'

Then select how you would like to reset your password - via SMS.

A verification code should be sent to the phone number associated with your account.

Enter the verification code and select ‘Continue'.

Lastly, enter your new desired password!

If none of options worked out, your chances of getting your Snapchat are rare.


Maltego CE

How to Reset Your Password


You ‘forgot' both of the key elements that you used in setting up your account ...

Hmmm ....... so you have a larger than practical number of email addresses to choose from then, do you?


All internet subscription software allows password reset. Click on the "Forgotten your password?" link. If you enter the ‘wrong' email address when you request to reset your password, the website database will return an error message along the lines of "That is not a valid account email address" or some such.

However, it's possible you are looking for technical advise or solutions in order to hack someone else's Snapchat account. That's one other explanation for why you wouldn't know either the email address or the password for a login.

Dear, Whenever we create an account on any application or website, they send us a confirmation email to our mail box, you may try the following options.

  1. Lookup in your all mailbox
  2. Try to do forget password with all your relevent usernames, which you think that may be created by you.

I would Google your name and Snapchat to see if anyone has commented on you.If you find your Snapchat address that way then you are on your way.After that,you can then ask Snapchat to email you a new password.

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