I found out about my surprise party for my birthday, what should I do?

You go to your party and act like you know nothing about it! The people who planned your party have gone to a lot of trouble to provide you with a lovely gift. I think they would be upset if they knew it wasn't a surprise. I have had the same situation happen to me many years ago. I acted surprised and enjoyed myself very much.

Then, write kind thank you notes to the people who took the time to plan such a sweet party. I'm not talking emails, either! A hand written note is appropriate for this situation. You can take that much time for a thank you note to people who cared enough to organize your party.

Having said that, I am an old mom who thinks old-fashioned ways are still good ways! They are also appreciated.

What kept blacks during slavery from returning to Africa?

Black people were stolen from their land and would have been killled. Don't forget that when slavery ended they built ship to go back to Africa but the white man destroyed them ( look it up). Black people's ancestors built this country while others took credit so they have EVERY

How to visit Pakistan as a tourist

I went to Pakistan in 2005 and can share the way I went there.You can apply tourist Visa to Pakistan, it was easy to get at that time. The Visa fee of Rs 15 applied. I guess it is easy

Can sadness, at one point, be attractive?

I am reminded of my favourite line from my favourite song,"Tu hai udasi bhari, koi haseen daastan"Courtesy-Tu hi meri shab hai...This line truly makes sadness attractive.