I got married this January, now my husband says thay he has a girlfriend and will marry her soon after divorcing me, what am I supposed to do?

I can truly understand lady what all you are going through.
 When your Mom has heart problem you fear of her death or illness when she comes to know of your disgusting husband .In india marriage is for keeps more because of social prestige and parents cant handle the divorce of their daughters

So all those who responded to you didnt try to empathise with you when it comes to your parents health. I know of someone who passed through similar situations and she tried to adjust with similar sick and disgusting man who threatened to divorce her in case the girls parents dont meet his dowry demands.. On the contrary in her case the husband never wanted the divorce but dowry Yet he continued threatning her because he knew what his wife's biggest fear was..Yes his wife feared divorce because of her parents ill health and their social prestige too.

So my point is, let not your fears be known to your sick hsuband no matter what. Be strong. Write to womens association to seek their help. Join some spritual course be it art of living or any other which will give you a good social circle and help you to reamin strong through meditaions and all.

Stay in marriage without any fear at all.He cant do any wrong to you at all..Not legally at least
..By the time get some good friends in whom you can confide in and who can come to your help whenever you want.

Any wrong done by your husband might put him behind bars. So just have faith in Almighty,in yourself and in good people around. Sooner a day will come when you would be strong enough to decide the best for you.Either to stay in this marriage or to move on.

When you will be strong no matter what decision you take your parents would be stronger too. Now that they know their daughter can take care of herself despite all odds

God bless you..

All problems have solutions...just that we need to be strong and positive in our approaches.

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