I had a 2370 SAT, 5's in 6 APs, 2 scientific publications, and Bronze in a country-wide Math Olympiad. Why was I rejected from all the top schools in the US?

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Did you actually apply to all of the top 25- or just specific ones?

Just like admissions - which makes decisions based both on "qualifications" and diversity of the incoming students - many aspects of "top schools" are somewhat arbitrary.

There are over 100 Tier 1 schools in the US

As a chemistry - math double major, I picked a "safety school" which I personally knew would get me into the graduate programs I wanted - meaning that the academics were top tier and I was doing undergraduate research by the time I graduated.

I went to my "safety school" - because I did not get admission to the "top schools" on my list.

While an undergraduate - I learned a key lesson - no one in science cares where you went as an undergraduate - but where you attend graduate school is incredibly important

This works for the vast majority of careers - as long as you attend a Tier 1 undergraduate school

I went to a top 5 graduate school in my field - and this absolutely made my career -

My ex brother in law attended a graduate program at Harvard - and he is now a multi-millionaire (after working in the Clinton White House) -

No one really cares about where we went as undergraduates

There are lots of people applying for very few slots - to have the priviledge of overpaying for opportunities in academics that exist elsewhere

But the top schools - by attracting certain people- are great places for networking and learning how to raise money - ask Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

So this really depends on your reasons for applying to "top schools"

The branding does help to some degree - No one would question the quality of an engineer from MIT or Cal Tech - But I actually had the existence of hearing about the hiring process of enigeers from my undergraduate school:

"So she has a masters in Chemicak Enigeering from the University of Rochester- have you heard about this school?"

"Yes - they have a decent engineering program"

"Ok - you're hired."

University of Rochester optical engineering is considered the top program in the world - The vast majority of optical engineers at my technology employer - which makes optical equipment- are from either U of Rochester or U of Arizona - But I do not see either on a list of "top universities"

My son will attend Reed College - which had a 35% acceptance rate.

I know this school's programs to be among the hardest programs in the US - absolutely everyone who graduates will be accepted into a top 20 graduate school.

The difference? Marketing

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You can definitely periodizing your training that way. If so, I would recommend starting with the low reps, high weight stuff first. Then later in the workout do the high reps, lower weight work because you will be fatigued.Another effective approach would be to split it up and have a day focused on each