I had an affair while I was traveling and now I'm pregnant. Should I keep the child and not tell my husband?

You haven't said what stage your pregnancy is at, so here are some images from various stages. The human heart begins to beat around 22 days after conception (about 5 weeks LMP). Here is the heart beating away a little later, at about 4 1/2 weeks after conception (6 1/2 weeks LMP):

What is it like to lose more than one child?

One is enough but I have lost two. It is not natural for anyone to lose their children before they themselves leave this planet. Survivor guilt although I know I had nothing to do with either death. I also think

How does Google earn money? Is it ads?

In February 2016, Google briefly overtook Apple to become the most valuable company in the world – worth more than $500bn (£350bn).In 2015 alone, Google had revenues of $75bn (£53bn). That's about £1,675 a second. Yet its core service – search – costs nothing to use. So how does it make all its money?In numbers: Google in 2015

What will make me stronger faster: Doing push ups every day or every other day?

Neither. Let's try a better question: what will give me the best results, doing more push-ups every day, or doing more push-ups every other day? Answer: it depends on your current level. If you're exercising well with your capability, you need to increase every session and you don't