I had sciatic leg pain which I got rid of. But now whenever I lift some weight, I have pain in my lower back for days. How can I treat that?

You'll want to see a doctor, and hopefully get a prescription to be evaluated by a physical therapist, who can assess your body and muscles to identify the cause.

If you can find a physical therapist experienced in myofascial therapy, in my experience, they're extremely good at identifying the real underlying problem. I had sciatica for years, and saw numerous doctors, and several physical therapists, and had no improvement for a decade, and often worsened. A myofascial therapist resolved my pain in 6 weeks. It took longer to overcome other chronic pain, because I had a lot of muscles that over or under compensated for alignment problems.

Myofacial therapists are so awesome! There aren't many around yet, and a lot of doctors are unaware of them, assuming all PTs are the same, so you may want to look for one in your area on your own, at least for an assessment.

Are the use of your legs the most important part of your overall fitness?

All your body muscles are important, but yes your legs are very importnat part they are actually boost your testosterone level which helps in growing more muscular mass not only in your legs but in all your body.To learn more about leg muscles anatomy, action and workouts you can read my articlehttps://theexcellentbody.com/leg...

What is more nutritional and beneficial to eat, rolled oats or steel-cut oats?

All oats start off as oat groats - the whole, unbroken grains. Before being processed into any other variety of oat, groats are usually roasted at a very low temperature. This not only gives the oats their nice toasty flavor, but the heat also inactivates the enzyme that causes oats to go rancid, making them more

What are some good bodyweight exercises for the lower back?

First let me say in my opinion and arguably on most do not do exercise lists is the good morning.  It has severe contraindications, is highly specialized and requires tremendous practice to do correctly.  This exercise is certainly not for a beginner.  I never use this exercise with clients, it's simply too