I hate melanin, how do I destroy/dramatically reduce the dark pigmentation of my skin, i.e how to be white?

Every human being is brown, from very dark brown, to very light brown.
No one is 'white' (unless they suffer from a condition where the melanocyte cells are non-functioning).
Humans started out as very dark - full melanin - to fit with their dark, shady African Equatorial Forest home.
This colour is absolutely beautiful as it is our first and best colour.
If you have a very dark complexion many colours look great on you - vibrant reds, blues, purple and so on.
Your skin will have a beautiful satin-like smoothness.
Some people wandered away from the shady homeland and the melanocyte cells reacted to more light by reducing their activity. Skin became lighter shades of brown.
Light skin is no more beautiful than dark skin - in fact it can seem sickly.
As Demarcus says, embrace your own beautiful self and enjoy it.
There are billions of people with dark complexions who are beautiful, happy and successful people.
There has never been a more beautiful and successful couple than Michelle and Barack Obama.
You can use any make up you like to add to your good looks.

What are your favorite healthy living habits?

Some healthy things to doLight weights 4 times a weekCardio on off daysEat unprocessed foodsMeditationStimulate Neurogenesis (grow brain cells)Wake up early (unless you are very tired then get more sleep, I believe in listening to your body) It's important to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning for optimum cell recovery and repair.Stretching - Get

Why we have to use reference books in class 9?

Don't get disheartened while you are on the verge of finishing the task of reading this answer but you should indeed put this to your habit---the practice to use reference books--be it any subject. As you might be well versed with the cut throat competition that exists today, these books will only help you rise above the ordinary bunch

What's better, a 90-minute nap, a 2-hour nap, a 3-hour nap, or a 4-hour nap, and why? I heard that out of the first 3 options, 3 hours is the winner, but out of all of these 4 options, is the 4-hour nap the best? Why or why not?

Actually I've heard for year's that 20 minutes of shut eye is like taking a nap. And you feel great after doing so. Now I know if I take a 3 hour nap I'm done. That's like going to bed. Having to get up shower again, change and whatever. But the worst part is I've lost