I have a test in 10 days and no matter how much I try I cant study and stay focused, How can I handle this?

"I can't study and stay focused, how can I deal with this?"


1. Find your why

Let's face it you're doing this exam for a reason, right?

Whether to gain some sort of pleasure

Or to avoid some sort of pain.

When you feel like slouching off, remind yourself of your why.

Plus, after 10 days, it'll all be over, and you won't have to think of it ever again.


2. Assess your distractions (e.g. social media)

If you're having trouble focusing, then perform a purge.

Whatever it is around you, television, phone, internet.

Get rid of it.

Hide it.

Burn it.


Just get it out of sight.


3. Chunking

Let's face it. Simply saying 'I'm going to read this textbook' in a week isn't enough.

Once you've broken your project down into bite-sized chunks it becomes way easier to get started.


4. Time management

With your bite-sized chucks, you can now effectively time manage.

You can also add rewards in the form of breaks to your schedule.


5. Start slow

Getting started is 90% of the problem.

Promise yourself if you do 5-minutes of work, that you'll get up and take a break.

Keep practising this, each time extending the length of your workload.

And in no time you'll find that the clock has gone forward 2 hours.


6. Other helpful tips include:

Getting 8 hours of sleep. A necessity for focus.

Listening to music. It will create a blockade between your focus and external noise distractions.


"In life, you need either inspiration or desperation." - Tony Robbins

By the time, you become desperate, it may be too late.

Let's get started, hey?


Thanks for reading,


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