I have good upperbody strength (can do 50 pushups in a single rep) but I can't run more than 500 m (7 minutes).How could I be able to run 1 mile in 6 to 7 minutes?

The way you get better at running is by doing more running.

Start by running short distances, then gradually increase your mileage.

The number one correlator with fast running is how much weekly mileage you do.

So start racking up those miles-it doesn't really matter how fast you run in training-and watch your mile time start to drop.

Warning: Lots of people get injured when increasing their mileage. Lots, as in most people. Start by running no more than three times per week, and not on consecutive days so your body can recover after each run.

Listen to your body, and increase your weekly mileage slowly. One rule of thumb is to increase your mileage by no more than 10% per week. There is a ton of running books out there; just look on Amazon.

Is it possible to strengthen the lower back and lose weight irrespective of chronic back pain?

Rebuilding the back can be a daunting task.  Some things that have really helped me are:Pilates, Yoga, SwimmingNutrition - seeds, enzymes, leafy greensStretching - Be careful, listen to your body, not all pain is badGelatin - One tablespoon per dayRaw ginger, Raw garlic, Turmeric - Reduces inflammationI agree that going to see a doctor is important.  You

Can I gain half of my husband's assets when I get divorced in Hindu religion?

Respected daughter you are going to spoil your married life with this greed .You will get some maintenance under certain conditions for certain period.Once Divorce it is not possible to get recepent .maintenance sometime cost more then you get ..so please adjust in family and lead happy married life .enjoy full property..for full life ..be faithful

How to talk to my husband

I have the same issue. My best advice would be to ask your husband why he doesn't want to converse with you? Yes, it's true he could be bored with the day to day conversations or nagging vs. asking, however, you should want to talk to your partner; whether it's a mundane chore