I impacted my knee and feel sharp pain but only when I press the kneecap, I can walk and run just fine. What could this be and what should I do?

Sounds like a meniscus issue. I have a cracked meniscus in both knees (my right is worse than the left). I can climb mountains, run steep trails, weight train, sprint and complete basically any plyometric jumping exercise. Yet, there are times I find it difficult to climb simple stairs. The meniscus is cracked so part of it gets stuck under the knee cap. If I do a standing pigeon stretch it usually cracks back into place.

Does your knee make a cracking sound? It is not supposed to, not really. You can go to an orthipedic surgeon and they can diagnose you in five seconds. I wouldn't get scoped or have them shave the cracked part away (doing so more often than not reduces your quality of life). You just need to find ways to work around your situation.

What would happen if a person stopped drinking water and replaced it with other drinks?

Depends on the drinks.Drinking tea/herbal tea will most likely not be too bad. Especially if you make the tea a bit weaker. And you do not drink too much of the more exotic herbs.If you live on Coca Cola, juices and the like, this is not great for your health. These contain great amounts of sweeteners, among other things.

What makes a human being different from other species?

Sapiens rule the world whereas ants eat our leftovers and chimps are locked up in zoos and research laboratories b/c we cooperate w/ countless numbers of strangers.Bees, ants only work together w/ relatives. Chimps and wolves only work together w/ small

What will happen if I walk 8-10 hours a week?

You'll burn about 2,000 additional calories per week. Don't get calories and weight criss-crossed. Weight training will build muscle which weighs more than fat. So, it is possible to put on muscle, lose copious amounts of fat but gain weight in