I just started running again after many months yesterday, and today my legs are slightly sore. Is it safe for me to run again today?

Continue running. If you can walk, you can run. Soreness is sweet pain which is an indicator that you are becoming active after long or you are doing an exercise your body hasn't done for long.

There are some medicines which one can take if the soreness is a lot, however if you can walk, you are fine, just continue running.

Try running with the same intensity, listen to your body, if it gets unbearable only then lower the intensity. Otherwise, there is no need. Remember to warm up and cool down before and after your run. You could warm up with running slower or walking but for cooling down you must stretch.

To prevent hurting yourself, you should:
1. Watch out for shin pain, it happens courtesy deficiency of Vit. D which is very common these days;

2. Eat well generally, have some form of protein 30-45 minutes post your run;

3. Warm up and cool down;

4. Have rest days atleast once a week (you could do active rest by just strolling around in park for 15-20 mins). Remember, more injuries are caused by over-training and not under-training; &

5. Develop a good core and strengthen your muscles by doing sqauts, planks (different variations), push ups (there are many variations) and lifting weights.
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