I like to help people, am a problem solver, good at maths and science and have some really good observation skills. What careers/university courses would you suggest I look into?

Given the information you shared in your question, it would appear you've already considered medicine, whether public practice or research, and education. These would be the obvious responses for a problem solver who is good at math and science.

Here's a field you may not have thought about. Consider studying statistics. Statisticians, especially bio-statisticians, use their math skills to point researchers in the right direction and to stop them from wasting time on projects that won't work. The keep ineffecive drugs off the market. Statisticians working for governmental agencies help identify problems and evaluate potential solutions.

And, statisticians are very well paid.

What's it like being a mesomorph?

I'm gonna answer this question but please don't judge my grammar since I don't speak English.When I've heard of the three body types, I was so lucky to realise that I was a mesomorph (specifically a ecto-meso): I'm tall, lean but definitely has

Do facial exercises help get a fuller face?

Depends on what you mean by fuller and what is that you are looking for. There is one muscle you can exercise to bulk it up in size which will make your lower jaw look a bit wider and henceforth fuller. I mean you can always put on a little weight to do so as well but I

Why are some people against gay marriage?

WHY ARE PEOPLE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE: Not having researched this matter nor discussed it with others, I can't say I'm speaking from any position of authority. Nonetheless, I do have something of a theory about it, at least as to people in North America.RELIGION-BASED OBJECTIONS: Christians, in particular, rely on scripture to justify their unrelenting