I'm 12 years old, and I weigh 118 pounds. My dad told me I need to lose weight. Should I lose weight?

I'm 12 years old, and I weigh 118 pounds. My dad told me I need to lose weight. Should I lose weight?

Richard might be right, if you want accuracy don't ask strangers on the internet about your health and fitness. You might get answers from just about every kind of person, from doctors, nurses, personal trainers and dieticians, to someone that lost weight and now thinks they are an expert on all things diet and health related.

You always get a ton of people saying because you're 12 so you must have tons of muscle, and that is why you weigh so much. Others will say 112, 150, or 200 pounds is pretty light if you ask me, so don't try to lose weight. But if you insist on doing something that is not necessary, you should eat less fatty food, fewer sweets, fewer snacks, or fewer sodas, and be more active. You know, all the usual things about exercise and eating healthy.

Anyway, it sounds like you don't want to slow down on all the junk food you are eating. If you can get some people to say "no" are you going to keep on eating they way you have been, just because you don't feel like eating vegetables?

My guess is you know your dad is right, but if you think there is even a small chance he is wrong, why not ask for a 2nd opinion from your doctor? Tell your dad if he is right, you will change your eating habits and exercise more. If you're afraid of what the doctor will say, you have to go with your dad's opinion.

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