I'm a Christian and I have a Muslim girlfriend, am I allowed to kiss her?

Well, if you wish to know the position of the traditional Islam: According to the traditional Islam, you cannot have a romantic relationship with a Muslim woman unless your are a Muslim man who wish to marry her. Muslim woman shouldn't be intimate with anybody except her Muslim husband according to the traditional Muslim values. Non-Muslim man shouldn't have a relationship with a Muslim woman and he cannot marry her according to the traditional Islamic law.

I am not a Muslim, but this is the position of the traditional Islam.

How long will I live if I never eat healthily and never exercise?

A large part depends on your genetics"Gertrude Baines, who lived to be the  world's oldest person on a steady diet of crispy bacon, fried chicken  and ice cream, died Friday at a nursing home. She was 115."World's oldest person dies in L.A. at 115

What is the best protein powder for beginners?

Protein yah its the first and foremost question youngster usually ask when they beggin their gym journey. Protein is essential to recover ur teard muscles and grow them . But if u r a begginer than possibly u don't need supplemnt to get protein .u can gather enough from ur nutrition and

My ex won't leave me alone, it's giving me psychological issues. What do I do?

Stalking is a crime. This is not your problem, it is his problem for not taking "no" for an answer and not admitting to himself that he can't control you. He is a stalker. Document every text, email, action, phone call, everything he does and says. Make sure you give him no response of any kind. Get