I'm a junior and I've been play golf since freshman year. My scores aren't anything great, but I want to play competitively in college. Is this possible?

Do you want the hard cold truth? I don't know what "scores aren't anything great" means, but I'm going to assume it doesn't mean you are a scratch golfer. I'm also going to assume that you are a male and a US student. If any of these assumptions are wrong, take this with a grain of salt.

The competition for a golf scholarship or even to be a walk on at a Div I college golf team is immense. You have to pretty much carry a scratch handicap or better. You will be hard pressed to find too many college golfers with a handicap higher than 74. So I'm going to say that unless you see magical improvement on your game your chance of playing golf in college is almost nil.

Div III schools you have a decent chance if your handicap is roughly 80 - 82 or better. Your chances can also be improved if you go to a private Div III school. They will likely offer you a scholarship to help offset out of state tuition or the cost difference between the private school and public institutions. You will not get a full ride, more than likely.

Same with NAIA schools. If you find a 2 year school with a golf program, you may have a chance to play there too.

If you want to play for Texas, Arkansas, UCLA, Nevada, Geargia, Duke, any of the military academies, you had better be a scratch golfer.

If "scores aren't anything great" means you generally play at 80 or the low 80's you may have some opportunities at some smaller schools and lower division schools. If you are high 80's and above, I'd say you will only be playing recreationally, but you never know what you will find out there.

Lastly, play in tournaments and join you local junior golf association. AJGA is one of the more recognized, but most cities will have their own local junior golf organization. Colleges don't give as much credit to high school golf programs. Most are not filled with the best golfers as it's viewed as a blow off class by many students and a reason to get out of class and go play on occasion. The competition isn't as tough.

With you being a junior already, you're a little late on this curve, but you never know. Tournament organization play will count more than high school play is all I'm saying.

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