I'm looking for healthy ideas to add to my diet. If you could only grow one thing to eat, what would be the most nutritious single food item to live off of (not tastiest, but most nutritious)?

there are three food groups. PROTEINS, FATS, CARBS

animal foods which is meats fish chicken eggs and diary contain protein and fat but no carbs, but the organism can use them as source of energy that carbs are meant for. this is KETO and is dangerous if there are no carbs in diet.

plant foods have contain all the three food groups, but not all the plants have them all. nuts have them all.

so, in order that you get all the three groups of foods in your diet, protein, fats and carbs, you should either eat only nuts and seeds

or pick a plant which has the most of nutrients, but no protein and carbs, which is PARSLEY. hahaha then you have most metals minerals and vitamins, but not all, d vitamin is from sun, e is from nuts but b vitamins are not there.

if you did not decide on nuts and seeds but on parsley spinach and swiss chart, also very nutritious and carb-less, then you need a source of good fats,which would be extra virgin olive oil.

finally you need protein, i suggest either egg or diary, milk cheese and yogurt. EGG is perfect for your purpose


good appetite !!!

note. don't forget to continue to be stpd and lz and believe that there are magic bullets in healthy nutrition.

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