I need to create a Simulink model of Tesla Model S. How could I do that?

An entire Model S? I think you need to model it subsystem by subsystem. Pick one function, like the braking function, and see if you can get all the interactions up and running in Simulink. Don't be surprised if you have to wait overnight for some of the calculations to complete.

This is how modern automobile design works; you hope you can factor the behavior into independent tasks, because otherwise the simulation would become intractable. The last thing anyone wants is a car whose headlights turn on because you adjusted the driver's side rear-view mirror. For example.

How many people have died driving a Tesla or being a passenger of a Tesla to date?

What is so special about a Tesla mnufctured automobile, that is defferent, than the GM Corvair or the Ford Pinto?So this must be a :Troll question , just thrown out there to twerk the nipples of green thinking people, orSerious question about how many people have died

What kind of technology will change our world completely in the following 20 years?

The next big consumer craze will be virtual reality headsets. I predict that within ten years they will be as ubiquitous as smartphones are now.We will all live substantial parts of our lives inside virtual worlds that look almost real. Want to meet your friends in

How do young people and old people use mobile phones differently?

There are individual differences and I think we shouldn't generalize our few observations and have stereotypical views because I have seen people from both age groups using mobile phones for both entertainment and basic purpose of calling and messaging.I personally know