I need to lose weight, but I'm not motivated. I lost and regained a lot of weight multiple times and was anorexic. What should I do?

You are not alone. Even if you pick up one good diet related habit - you will have done better than the majority. So comfort yourself and ask yourself what can I do to change things today that will not be hard because I like it anyway. This could be - giving up white sugar and sticking to brown sugar or natural sweeteners like stevia or honey. Do not be tempted to go for something that you will fail to keep going. Because you have done that already and now you must adopt small permanent changes that will lock together to make you healthy and confident.

Motivation is destroyed through repeated failure - but man is designed to fail. The success is the getting up again - day by day or week by week you will not keep up everything and you will fail. The key to motivation us to recognise that and accept it. Take it to heart.

Do not fear your nervous condition - use it to motivate yourself. Learn about the foods that you are eating and whether they are bad or good for weight loss. Learn about nutrition so that your fear goes away.

You will not lose weight healthily or lastingly by starving - but you may become more healthy by regular fasting - say one day out of three on 800 calories - the other two on 1200 - 2000 calories.

Stop all the sugary drinks and drink water or low sugar drinks - that is an important first step. Drink teas - green tea even if you hate it.

Eat green vegetables with every meal. Avoid pastries. reduce bread and avoid unhealthy fats and oils. But importantly just one change at a time - and it you fail on one = you have the other changes to fall back on. Do not be concerned about how you look - be concerned about the building blocks of your plan - and it will all come to you - a new beginning.

Do not get on the weighing scale - just notice the difference in how you feel - your mobility and your confident attitude towards the future

In which countries LGBT is legal?

LGBT is a confusing jumble of letters that can mean anything. I would presume that the letter L. refers to the Isle of Lesbos. Lesbianism is actually encouraged in Australia, as Greeks in general have always been regarded as desirable immigrants. I know a fair bit about the Greek

I need help from a relationship expert I got in a fight with my long-distance boyfriend now I'm trying to gain his trust back how can I prove it to myself and him that he can trust me again?

You don't say explicitly but this seems to involve a failure, large or small, on your part.It will take time. If he allows you back and over time there is no recurrence of the event then he can learn to trust you. Sooner or later, depending on the circumstances and the two individuals.More important than regaining his

I got mad at a friend and now he's mad at me too. How do I resolve this?

It's called Being the Cause in the Matter/ being the Adult in the conversationSaying sorry for the mess you created, gives you Integrity,So if you don't fix this now, all future relationship you have, when this ugly monster appears, you will fall back to this, because you are not the adult in the conversation