I often feel demotivated and feel like I don't belong anywhere. What can I do?

Travel Alone. I'm not saying go out and roam on the streets of Paris or Europe. Go for long solitary walks. Spend time alone. Find peace with yourself. Feel motivated from within about all that's there yet to be achieved. Belong to your soul and give your mind some rest. And if you are content with yourself I don't think you might be needing someone else to fulfil the gap that you seem to have. You have to realise that it's you who is overthinking and feeling demotivated, as you termed it. In this materialistic world, you are the only one who is important to oneself and will care for your own feelings. And once you are done with all these try to communicate. Express yourself and understand others. If you feel a connection, then good enough otherwise explore more. There's nothing stopping you except your restricted mindset and insecurity. Lastly, fall in love a lot. Fall in love with things and places and foods and accents. Fall in love with the way a new born is being cradled. Fall in love with the way your mom cooks. Enjoy solitude. Don't forget to fall in love with yourself.
*most of the points I would have written have been mentioned in other answers(like giving yourself a healthy  reboot by excersicing and all).
I would just like to talk about a psychological reboot in this answer.*

1.)Talk to yourself.
This can be accomplished by maintaining a personal diary.Trust me when life is a mess then writting it down on a paper helps you see through your problems.And hence the mess becomes a little sorted and you get an idea of what is needed to be done.

2.)Have an aim in mind that you would improve.You will keep learning and become better with every passing moment.Keep and live this attitude.

3.)Take a break from everything.If you feel like travelling,then travel.
If you feel like learning guitar then do that.In short invest in yourself.Explore yourself.

4.)Fend for yourself.Fight for yourself.Build yourself philosophies out of this wreck.Share it with people who need it.(may be on quora.)

Hi there.
So you couldn't accomplish something that you really wanted to or/and the people you care wanted you to or/and the people you don't care about didn't want you to.
Everyone has been there at some point of their life.
The problem is that people expect.I mean they base their work and even life around expectations.The bigger problem is that most of the times these expectations are too unrealistic to be true.

If I am going to a trip with my friends then I expect it to be as cool as the movies.
If I am in a relationship,then I expect it to be as romantic as Nicholas Spark's book.
If I am working on something then I expect I must succeed.
If I am not working on something then I expect that I should fail in that area.

But life doesn't necessary work like this.

The best things that happen to you are the one's least expected.

So just work and keep doing things you think are right for you.But don't expect much.Take life as it comes and cherish whatever it throws at you.But never stop working for a better life.

All the best for future.
-a r n a v.

you belong to your parents!they belong to you!love yourself unconditionally.nobody else can do this for you,

god has made you Unique

so be grateful and happy

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