I pay child support but never see my child. Is this ethical?

I have a girlfriend whose ex husband never would see his children. One day I was at a bar/ restaurant and her ex was there. I had to ask him why he never saw his own kids. He said that it was good enough that he supposed them. I realize that some people truly believe that money is all children need from you. So, sad. Later his son was up for an award winning prize on Broadway. The son thank his mother sister and family. NEVER SAID AnythingAbout HIS FATHER. I'm sure that the father said that his son was ungrateful. For all his money he sent him all these years

Have you ever seen an adult roast a child?

The child in question was not actually in the room anymore, but I think this still counts.First, a bit of backstory. My 8th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Rezlas, was one of the best teachers I've ever had. He was really nice and funny, and he always made the class fun.

Do people regret not getting a PhD after undergrad?

Years ago when I was in my honours year, I frequently entertained the thought of doing one. My final grades stopped me dead in my tracks. One professor ever replied to my query on my suitability for a PhD program with good old sarcasm.Fast forward today, I worked in jobs I

If someone lives in Georgia, and is facing divorce, can the spouse filing for the divorce seek alimony and child support against the business?

I suspect the answer to this would be no. You're not married to the business.If the business is your spouse's main source of income, or owns the business, then the businesses revenue and his/her income from that business will be considered when calculating child support and alimony.But because the business is a separate legal